The Last Hurrah

I think I'm packing it in on this blog.  No one posts anymore and I just don't have that much to say anymore that anyone will read.  Not to be a downer or anything...just keepin' it real.  So here are some last random thoughts!

Okay, so I just tried to bullet this and it won't work.  I hate technology sometimes.  I think I was born in the wrong era.  I truly miss have a rotary dial phone.  Go google image it little lambs, since I'm sure you have no clue what one is!!!

I could listen to "Learn to Fly" by the Foo Fighters all day long.

I could also watch those Bourne movies over and over again.  Like I did last Friday after school.  Except number two wasn't that good.

Jon Gosselin is a douchebag.

The Duggars are having a 19th child.  Great.  Why not adopt a shelter dog instead?

I will not do any schoolwork on weekends anymore.  It will have to wait until the following week.

After having an hour long meeting with some workers from a place we are going to visit as a field trip I have decided I love my job even more than I already did.  If I had to sit down and have these endless meetings with these people every week I would slit my wrists.

I find now that I am 40 I care less and less what others think.  This is a very good thing.

My bubby is coming for a visit next month and I can't wait to see him.

There's a really cool google map with flags over all the cities that have banned books but I can't link it since google has been funny all day.  There's that technology problem again.

I'm looking forward to seeing "Wicked" in December.

People are fascinating.  Use your imagination with this one.

Happy New Year!
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Because I Promised...

...I promised Moe I would blog, but nothing much new is happening.  And no one really blogs anymore.  Well, except for Perez Hilton and some of the cooking and decorating blogs I read.

So, for your enjoyment, some random thoughts, rants, etc.

Enough of the Michael Jackson already.  I can't even watch Entertainment Tonight anymore since that's ALL they show.  And unfortunately, this drama is going to go on for a LONG time.

Schools need to start after Labor Day.  Period.  End of discussion.

I could be a full time housewife with all of the cooking, cleaning, and running of errands I've been doing.  Not that I would enjoy it for long, but there's always something to do.  The nice part about summer is always have a clean house with the laundry put away.  During the school year, not so much.

People are fascinating.  I had a garage sale a few weeks ago.  I had a wrought iron basket priced at 50 cents.  A woman asked me if I would take 25 cents.  I said, you're joking right?  are you that cheap that you can't come up with another lousy quarter?  Why don't you just take it for free, honey?  on the inside.  On the outside I said, "sure..."

Who is left in the world that doesn't know you can't take a jumbo sized bottle of shampoo on an airplane?  Who?  I'll tell you who.  People who go through security at the same time as me.  Are people living under a rock?

It's almost corn and tomato season.  I can't wait.

I need to make jam soon.  I do every year, and this summer for some reason I have not yet.

I am wondering if it's too late to take cello lessons this summer.  It was one of my goals.

Why do people insist on "replying all" when it's REALLY NOT necessary?  I've got enough junk in my inbox, thanks.

My friend and I compared our workplace to that of The Office.  We have many of our staff members matched up to most of the characters on the show.  This will get me through this year just thinking about it.

I'm feeling the need for a big change in my life.  Just not sure what it is yet...

Friday Five!

Moe says I have to blog, so I'm back.  I will try to make this as interesting as possible, although not much has been happening.  So, here's a Friday Five:

Five books you should read this summer:
  1. Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Alexie (yeah, I know I've mentioned it, but it's so good.  I highly recommend downloading it onto a ipod and listening to the audio, which is what I did.  It's phenomenal)  WATCH THIS LINK FROM YOU TUBE ABOVE; it's an excerpt from the book that you will love.
  2. My Sister's Keeper by Picoult - Read it BEFORE the movie comes out which will probably suck, but yet I know I will go see the movie anyway.
  3. Julie and Julia by Powell - Again, read this BEFORE the movie comes out, although with Meryl Streep in the movie, it will probably be quite good.
  4. Twisted by Halse Anderson - GREAT book that both genders will like.
  5. In Search of Mockingbird by Ellsworth which is a quick read about a girl who runs away to Alabama to try and meet Harper Lee.  Then, after you read it, re-read To Kill a Mockingbird, or better yet, listen to the audio read by Sissy Spacek.

Five foods you must eat this summer:

  1. Mitchell's ice cream (preferably peanut butter chip)
  2. Haggen Daaz Fleur de Sel ice cream which is incredibly difficult to find, but out of this world.  And it's French, so of course it's amazing
  3. BLTs with heirloom tomatoes which you can only get in the summer
  4. homemade guacamole with tortilla chips
  5. corn on the cob, but not until August when it will really be in season
Five things I learned this year:
  1. I cannot continue to work the amount of hours I worked this year or I will have to be committed to an asylum
  2. People are still tools where I work
  3. Hard work usually pays off
  4. Some people really do appreciate what you do although they may not always show it
  5. There are few people you can trust completely
Five things I will do differently next year:
  1. start editing video earlier
  2. give more direction on how to behave when we have guest speakers
  3. give more readings, more writing assignments, and in general more meaningful projects
  4. accept only excellent work.  If it's not excellent, it must be re-done
  5. collaborate with people I like and respect and ignore those I don't
Five things I believe:
  1. I believe in doing nothing some days
  2. I believe that my dog is better than some humans
  3. I believe that most people are good and some people suck
  4. I believe summer vacation should be relaxing
  5. I believe that eventually, everything will be okay
Have a good weekend!


Put a fork in me...

...I am so done.  So ready to be done.  So different from last year when I just wanted to hold onto those last few days; this year, I could've been done weeks ago.  I deperately need a break and I am so glad that my two week workshop won't begin until end of July because I need a break NOW.  Here's how I'm feeling:

glad about:            the end of the year

mad about:            people who are lazy

sad about:             the kids' english class next year

surprised about:    how quickly May went by

worried about:       getting everything done that I want to get done this summer

pissed off about:   some maniac shooting a doctor who performs a legal medical procedure called abortion

overjoyed about:    having most of my room packed already since I've been staying late every night

melancholy about:   the principal who hired me retiring

anxious about:        getting grades done

stewing about:        how to get back on track since I feel really burned out

aggravated about:   these anonymous people who "friend me" on LiveJournal and it turns out to be basically some crappy infomercial

thinking about:         sun, books, sleep, walking, shopping, sleep, pedicures, making jam, and did I mention sleep?

I'm ready

Ready to be done with this year.  I've started packing already.  On the last day, I will relax and not stress and be able to leave.  I've never been so ready to end the year as I am now.  I desperately need this break (although for me it will really only be about 8 weeks) so I can hopefully come back ready to go.

Some misc. thoughts:
  • Various bloggers have been friending me and I have no idea who they are!  So, if you found me, I'm curious as to how...
  • Am contemplating walking a half marathon.  I would love to do the one in Long Beach in October so I could make it a long weekend AND see Bubby while I'm out there.
  • Read Mitch and Lindsay's surveys from last year.  I could have wept at how thoughtful and sweet they were.  I am going to put them on my bulletin board at home and look at them every day so I remember how much love there was.  This year...not so much.
  • GO GREEN DAY!  You rock. 
  • I really want to take cello lessons this summer.  I need to try and make that happen.  I think it will be good for me.
  • I heard on the radio this morning that people who take vacation are much less likely to be depressed.  Amen to that one.
Only 8 more days, little lambs.

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Last year on this date...

...I said this.  And it makes me sad since it's just not like that anymore.  This year was so difficult and exhausting.  On Friday I talked with one of my few colleagues that I like.  She's young and teaches science so I don't get much contact with her.  We talked for over an hour and I did feel better after talking with her.  I discovered we feel the same way about many of our colleagues who are tools.  We decided we need to get a core group together for lunch or breakfast once a month.  A meeting of the minds so to speak so we feel like we're not alone.

I need to make some big changes in order to survive.  I just don't know what those are yet.
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I love May

"Merry month of May..." sings Tony Bennett.  I couldn't agree more.  I love this month.  Because:
  • more sunshine and warmer weather
  • tulips, my favorite flower
  • the end is SO close.  I can breathe.  I can say "whatever" since in a few short weeks it won't really matter anymore
  • I can focus more on me, less on work

This year was hard.  It was stressful.  I did not enjoy myself much.  I am glad it is almost over.

Two good books:  Marcelo in the Real World by Stork and Burn by Suzanne Phillips.  Both will make you think.  But neither is as good as my last rec:  True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  I think I will make it my next pick for my book club.  It truly ranks up there in my top 10 books EVER.  Which would probably make a good post, so I'll have to mull that one over...

I Want...But...

I want summer to be here...but I want to lose 10 pounds first
I want to go on vacation...but I don't want to go by myself
I want my dog to live forever...but I know he won't
I want to sleep more...but there's so much to do
I want to blog more...but does anyone really care?
I want to spend more time reading...but for as much reading as I do at work, sometimes, I just gotta veg on the couch
I want to smack some people really hard...but I will try to remember that they are idiots and cannot help being who they are
I want to spend more time on myself...but it's hard with the job that I have
I want to throttle those who get to work a fraction of the hours that I do while making the same amount of money or more...but I will refrain
I want to know why some people are so lazy...but maybe there is no real answer
I want to knock down all the rusty, dilapidated mailboxes in my neighborhood...but I hope Steve will first so I don't have to
I want to stop letting things bother me so much...but I have a feeling they always will
I want my office to be clean...but I really don't feel like cleaning it
I want to have Sheryl Crow's arms...but I don't think that's in the cards for me
I want to ride my bike to work...but I am afraid I will get hit by a car
I want the world to be a gentler, kinder place...but there are too many mean people for that to happen!

I want you to read this book:  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  It is amazing.  I'll be back next week with another book rec.

yeah, I know, but nobody else blogs anymore either...

Not sure if it's just the busy season or what...or maybe everyone's on Twitter, where you can only use so many characters.  Anyway, lots of stress because there's too much to do.  I'm being asked to do more and more and I don't like it.  I work hard enough.  So, I've decided that I will only work 10 hours a day and then that's it.  I'm done.  I don't care what work is left, I'm done.  I have to do this for my sanity.  I got this questionnaire thingy from Mitch who got it from CosmoGirl.  What Mitch is doing on CosmoGirl, I don't know...but anyway, it took a long time to fill out!  And I didn't even answer all the questions since some weren't applicable, some I didn't want to answer, and some were just bizarre. I posted all the questions, so there are some blanks.  My answers are in bold. So, hopefully, you will learn something!  Enjoy!

My full name is            KSJ
I was born on              
Valentine’s Day 1969
I am an American citizen and this makes me feel proud now that Obama is president!
My star sign is Aquarius
My parents are still trying to grow up
I have
one  siblings (my bubby!)
I am currently at _____ school / university / college or I currently work at
an upper middle class middle school
What I like about my school studies / job is    I get to work with cool kids every day
What I dislike about my school studies / job is
 meetings, paperwork, colleagues that are tools, and did I mention meetings?
I am saving up for a vacation cabin because I work #$%@ hard and I need frequent vacations

My home is in the midwest and I have lived here for all my life
My friends are
Nik, Carol, Cath, Jill, Rob, and my students

I love people who stand up for what they believe in

My favorite activity/activities include reading and I love to do this because it’s the best form of entertainment
My favorite color is
pink because it reminds me of happiness
I love to say “Make it happen” and my most over-used saying is probably “What do you mean, you forgot? There is no I forgot!”
My favorite meal involves carbs and my favorite snack food is pretzels

I consider myself to be fairly healthy and fitness is  important to me. This is due to factors such as major past health problems.

Changes to my lifestyle I would like to make include less stress, less overeating

I am usually clean/sometimes messy/organized/chaotic
sometimes lose things
I don't need to change anything about my life or lifestyle because
…not true, I need to change things!

The person who supports me the most is Steve and in my life they have helped me to finance my education
The best time of the day to me is … morning because there’s hope for the rest of the day

I like (sunrise/sunset) the most because see above
I need to have
snuggle time with my dog every day
I hope to hear
my former students in a real courtroom as grown up attorneys (music/bands/a phrase/poetry/a speaker)
I want to see
more independent films (films/shows/flowers/nature, etc.)
I am frightened by
heights and this makes me scared?

My favorite movie of all time is ooh, too many to narrow it down to one…Shawshank Redemption, Rudy, Mrs. Doubtfire, Tootsie, The Godfather I and II, Remember the Titans…
My greatest inspiration is Jim Burke, a teacher in California
My all-time role model is
Katharine Hepburn because she was a strong woman

I would like to be like … my brother because he’s naturally smart and doesn’t have to work at it like I do

I respect my students  because they’re good people

When I was little I remember that _____
I felt _____ (happy/sad or other emotions)
My childhood was generally _____ (positive/negative, etc.) and this is because _____
My family is _____ (amazing/crazy/sad/wonderful/split up. etc.) and this is because _____
The good times I remember were
with my bubby
The hard times I can remember include _____
I find / always found school to be _____(easy/difficult/fun, etc.) and this is because _____
The best teacher I ever had was
my first grade teacher because he/she was incredibly kind and that made me realize that too many teachers are mean to kids

The worst teacher I ever had was high school gym teacher because he/she grabbed my arm once when I quoted some line from a movie that he found offensive and that made me realize that too many teachers are mean to kids

The music I like to listen to is
rock, jazz, classical because it sounds like ??? and makes me feel happy, calm, or energized

I grew up thinking that _____
I changed when _____
The first concert event I ever went to was _____ (band/event) at the _____ (place) and I went with _____
I found the experience of being in a large crowd to be _____ (description)
The best holiday I ever had was _____ when I went to _____ with _____ and we ______ (description)
The best thing anyone has ever said to me is _____
The worst thing anyone has ever said to me is _____
What no one has ever told me is _____
My first crush on someone was _____ because _____ and it happened when _____ because _____
The first time someone had a crush on me was _____ and it felt _____ because _____ and it turned out to be _____ because _____
The most fun I ever had was when _____ and _____ because _____
In the past I have been hurt by
boys when I cared too much because they suck
In the past I have hurt _____ when I _____ because ______ and I feel ______ about it
My most successful day was when I
graduated from college
I received recognition when I won the VFW Teacher of the Year award

I am proud that I have two Master’s degrees
I look back at my life and I feel that
I’m successful because I worked really hard

The greatest lesson I learned was do what you love and I learned it when I started volunteer tutoring
The wisest thing anyone ever told me was _____ and it helped me to _____
The first time I was scared was when _____
The last time I went out was ______
The highlight of my school years was _____
The greatest risk I ever took was when
I quit a job without having another one lined up

The best result I ever got was when I _____
The worst thing that ever happened to me was  
cancer. Twice.

The peak experience of my teen years was nothing; they sucked

The craziest thing that ever happened to me was ______
The funniest thing that ever happened to me was ______
The last thing I purchased was  
books! What a surprise…

In my teens I hope to achieve _____
In my twenties I hope to achieve _____
In my thirties I hope to achieve _____
In my forties I hope to achieve
success without stress. Is there such a thing?
When I am older I would like to be calm and worry-free
When I am older I would like to do
more arts and crafts that I never seem to have enough time for now

I would love to travel to Italy because of the architecture and food

I think marriage is a wonderful experience

I would like/would not like (to be married/to be single/living in a share house/living alone)
I think children are (
awesome/a great thing/a burden/unnecessary, etc.) and I would like to/not like to have children/adopt children because then I couldn’t devote all the time that I do to my students
I think having a career is _____ and I would like to be _____ so that I can _____ with my life
The goals I have include _____
I am looking forward to

I am worried about EVERYTHING! All the time.
I am confident that _____
I feel uncertain of
the economic future

I know for sure that things always change

I love
my family and my dog
I believe
that everything happens for a reason
I am happy when
I can rest or read
I feel comfortable
in my pajamas

I need to slow down with everything
I think
that I have spent way too much time on this profile

I have an instinct about _____
My dreams are _____
It is important to
read the newspaper
I am upset about _____
I find these things _____ funny/hilarious
I find these things _____ sad/devastating
I am joyful about _____
I am waiting until _____ before I _____
I am in love with _____ because _____
I am grieving abut _____
I am concerned that
kids today show disrespect to teachers

I am conflicted by _____
I am confused that
people actually wanted Sarah Palin to be president

I am angry that we are still in Iraq/Afghanistan
I am sorry about _____
I am interested in
opening a wine bar/bookstore

I am thrilled by _____
I would like to be
a librarian someday
I would like to have _____
I would like to change _____
I am scared that
I will die too young

My most secret desire is _____
I like it when
my dog snuggles by me

I dislike it when people are mean

I love how _____
I hate it when
people are ignorant

I have the strangest feeling that _____
I find _____ beautiful and it _____
I think that I cannot
have a class as good as last years

I find _____ ugly as it _____
I think _____ is silly because _____
I think _____ is tragic because _____
What no one realizes about me is
I have to work very hard to succeed

I see _____
I find it easy to

I find it hard to say no
I am at my best when _____
I can do
anything if I focus

I am tired of being asked to do more and more at my job
I am excited by vacations
I hope that people learn something about me from all this!

My destiny is hmmm…not sure


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Oh, my, I never knew the connotations of the word "bubby."  After researching, I have found that people think it means everything from the Yiddish word for grandmother to the definition on freedictionary which is...wait for it...a woman's breasts.

Sooo...let me clarify.  My bubby is my brother.  We are very close and I am so glad he was able to fly across the country just for my party.  :)

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